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Steel Jam - Steel Drum Music That's "Hot Hot Hot"

Steel Jam at YELP Event

Dancing during snippets of “Shut Up & Dance with Me” and “Uptown Funk” as Steel Jam performs at a YELP event at the SOMA StrEAT Food Park in San Francisco.

Steel Jam is Your Bay Area Steel Drum Band

Steel Jam performs at a Google corporate picnic.

Fun Steel Drum Music (1 to 5 Musicians) For Your Party

Steel Jam’s Mary Spalding plays solo steel drum (samples of “Island of Sand” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling”) for a private party on a Commodore Cruise Yacht.

Steel Jam at Pixar Plays Steel Drum Music for Finding Dory Event

Steel Jam solved an Event Planner’s dilemma of how to get guests from one building to another without losing any “party energy.” Steel Jam’s solution:  go “mobile” and lead the parade of guests to Pixar’s Steve Jobs Building for a VIP viewing of Finding Dory.

Steel Jam Gets Everyone Dancing

Steel Jam gets everyone dancing—from cartoon characters (at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) to larger-than-life Oakland A’s ballplayers (at the Oakland Coliseum).

Steel Jam, the Steel Drum Band, at El Rio in San Francisco

Steel Jam–a fun steel band that gets the crowd dancing! Steel Jam joined DJ Edaj to pack the dance floor.

Steel Jam Interactive Tropical Fun

Steel Jam — a steel drum band that offers interactive fun for companies, private parties & community events.  Within minutes, Steel Jam will have your management team or party guests playing steel drums. If you are looking for new and unique interactive events in the Bay Area, contact us!

Steel Jam at the San Francisco Zoo

Here’s Steel Jam performing its steel drum music for the San Francisco Zoo’s Members Night event.

Steel Jam, steel drum band, at Oakland Zoo’s Annual “Walk in the Wild”

Performing “Lion Sleeps Tonight” is quite fitting at this annual Oakland Zoo event.

Steel Jam at Beringer Vineyards

Steel Jam — a fun steel band that gets the crowd dancing!  Watch as Beringer Vineyards visitors can’t resist dancing to Steel Jam.

Steel Jam Plays Island Music at Bay Area Events

Steel Jam, at the “Chi Chi Boom” event in San Francisco, gets the packed house to dance and sing along with guest vocalist Jon Gary Harris.

Steel Jam and Purple Rain

Steel Jam Goes Interactive Steel Drums at Intuitive Surgical

Within minutes, Steel Jam has everyone at having fun playing steel drums!

Steel Jam plays “Kokomo” at a Tech Awards Reception at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara

Steel Jam’s Guest Soloist, Stomper the Oakland A’s Mascot, plays a timbales solo during “Oye Como Va” at the Ross Stores Employee Appreciation Picnic at the Oakland Coliseum